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A Teen Entrepreneurship Resource

What you will learn in this E-book:

  • Dozens of ways teens can earn their own money

  • Marketing 101

  • Financial understanding

  • Branding tips

  • The value of entrepreneurship


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            Branding 101


It is important that whatever business you choose to start, you get a brand focus.  This is a few keywords and images that convey who you are, what you do, and how much value you bring to your clients.  A catchy business name with an attractive logo will go far to make you memorable to your clients. But it does not stop there. Below are the 7 must haves of efficient branding,


  • Colors


Choose two colors that represent your service or product’s personality. It could be any attractive combination of colors but you must use them consistently and on everything, your business cards, flyers, aps, websites etc. Consistency is crucial because it helps your client recognize you and identify your work. For example, your mind will automatically think of the color blue when you think of Facebook, red when you think of Coke-a-Cola, orange and blue when you think of Tide, and red and yellow when you think of McDonald’s. Choose your colors wisely and stick to it!


  • Logo


Just like colors, a good logo helps you to be recognizable. Bird = Twitter, colorful letters = Google, and Nike = a checkmark. You do not have to use an image, the unique fonts and style of your lettering will also suffice.




  • Voice


Your brand’s voice is literal and symbolic. You can literally be known for the things you say and how you describe yourself. Examples of literal brand voice are the tone in which you describe yourself on your website and social media pages. It is also the repetitive sayings and sales points you say in person. For example, Chick-Fil-A is known for the phrases, “How may I serve you” and “It’s my pleasure”. Verizon is known for, “Thank you for being a part of our success”, and McDonalds is known for, “I’m loving it”. What will you be known for? Symbolically, you brand voice is your customer service and how you treat people and your contributions, these things give your brand a voice, even when you are silent.



  • Mission


Your product, objective, and missions as a person or company is also an important part of branding. For example, Tom’s shoes is known for donating a pair of shoes to poor children per every purchase a customer makes. TD Bank is known for its mission to provide convenience to their customers, they provide longer hours, shorter lines etc. You have to choose something that sets your product or service apart from others and makes you memorable.


  • You


You are your brand. Whether you are 17 or 47 years old you are your brand. How you lead, the quality of what you offer, how you treat people, and the passion you use to describe your brand is all part of your brand message. The best illustration is Steve Jobs and Apple and Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook. You can’t say one name without saying the other. You too want to strive to always be associated with your brand.